Writing updates is much more challenging when you suddenly have no chairs and tables. At least I still have broadband (have to get the priorities right). Yes, I’m still in Sydney. Family in Amsterdam. Small doggy in transit.

Everything in boxes

I’m down to one guitar, an electric as that’s the only thing I’d trust to go on a plane (you’d have to do a Pete Townshend on this one to damage it). However, my trusty 12 string acoustic is being moved by professionals.

This does numberswiki.com

mean a slight delay in finishing the album. I can still work on the mixes, and I do have a microphone and appropriate software and hardware, but that’s about it.

I’ll go and hang elsewhere tonight as the house is a tad empty.

Had a painter in to look at getting the house repainted and he quoted the usual NASA-derived estimate that tradesman are wont to supply. Actually, it wasn’t too bad, and as a bonus not only will the house get painted but I will also have a moonbase named after me.