So what is this album that I’ve been working on, I hear you wondering (I have very sensitive hearing).

Well, here’s a sneak preview: Track 4, Another Dumb Pop Song (go to the My Songs link above to hear it).

The leader of the Russian Revolution
Stole a Beatles’ name
And then he had the nerve to spell it wrong

A famous painter cut his ear off
In a fit of rage
And yet he wound up in a dumb pop song

The verses too short the chorus too long
Another dumb pop song
The verses too weak the chorus too strong
Another dumb pop song

A thousand years from now
Historians will go to early graves
Endeavoring to find out why we listened to ‘em

Imagine their revulsion
When they hear the ringtone craze
Convinced by now our culture’s nothing but a ruin

The verses too short (etc)…

There’s a pop star from yesteryear
Whose fame’s not short of fabled
Let’s not say his songs are lame
Just – differently abled

Another dumb pop song (etc)

© Paul Inglis 2008

And just to see if anybody reads this far in my posts, here’s my cover version of a Kate Bush song, a non-album track recorded at the same sessions: Hammer Horror